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  • What is MOOOD?
    MOOOD is a system created to help companies to improve the organizational climate. People is the most important asset of any company and key to its success. MOOOD's Purpose: To put the world in a goood moood.
  • How does MOOOD works?
    MOOOD has 2 components: a Mobile App and a Desktop Dashboard. In the App, members of the team can share their daily moood with their bosses. In the Dashboard, management can track the team's moood. By doing so, they can provide assistance to the team members that need it, and they can prevent that small unattended issues to become huge problems. You can lear more about MOOOD in our Blog.
  • Do you offer trial versions of MOOOD?
    Better that that: we offer a FREE ACCOUNT account! In this way you can fully test MOOOD with your team. MOOOD's FREE ACCOUNT has 2 limitations: teams cannot be larger than 100 members and the moods history shown in the Dashboard expands only for 3 months. Here you can open your FREE ACCOUNT now.
  • Pricing: Why does the SMALL has a lower price per team member?
    It is our contribution to the Global Small Business community. We want to help Small Business from around the world to put their companies in a goood moood.

If you have any other question or need assistance,
please use the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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