The first app designed
to put your company
in a goood moood.

allows your team
to express daily,
in just 2 clicks.

HR Pros no longer need to wait
for lengthy and complicated surveys to know the satisfaction level of the company team.

With MOOOD they can track it every day.  

MOOOD’s hyper-simple & friendly app allows all members of the team to express their personal mood... daily!


Now Management
can listen,
detect and resolve
in time.

Say you have a team of 50 people... or 100... or 10,000! MOOOD’s robust desktop platform allows you to
easily & immediately detect if any area of your company needs special attention.
With MOOOD you can proactively manage the organizational climate.

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Track the MOOOD of your team working at the office,
remotely or in flexible mode.

The work environment has change a lot and keeping track of the team's spirit is now more challenging and important than ever.

MOOOD allows you to be closer to your teem's feelings, regardless of where they are.

MOOOD is a thermometer to measure the organizational climate of your company every day.

With an ultra simple and friendly app in the hands of the team
+ a robust control center in the hand of the Management,
MOOOD helps the company to make timely decisions and to communicate better and daily:

· Turns the source of problem visible.

· Makes simple the team leaders role.

· Promotes dialogue and timely problem solving

· Improves the work environment.

· Prevents small solvable issues to become large and complicated problems.

Created for
all teams
by a
Human Resources professionals.

Both MOOOD’s founders knows the importance of managing the organizational climate from first hand. They have work in
HR Management and Internal Communitications positions -in different categories- for more than 20 years.

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“We created MOOOD because
we have witnessed huge problems originated in the lack of information and elemental communication between the team members
and the management.”


Let's put your team
in a goood moood.