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Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Meet your MOOOD account Command Center.

In the Main Screen you can have a glance of the MOOOD of all areas under your supervision.

At the top-right of the screen you can find a TOP/ALL switch.

When you select TOP, the dashboard will show only the areas in the first level of the company's hierarchy.

Select ALL to show each and every area of your company once again.


Coloured tablets on the right represents the areas of your company.

If you double click any tablet, you will zoom in into that area and will be able to navigate the subareas.

Keep double clicking and you will be able to go all the way to a teammate mood history.


  • YELLOW Great

  • GREEN Good

  • FOAM Normal

  • RED Bad

  • PURPLE Very Bad


The big number inside each tablet is the average of that area's team choices.

MOOOD gets this number by adding the team's opinions (Yellow = 5, Green = 4, Foam = 3, Red = 2 and Purple = 1) and dividing it by the total members of that area.

Members that don't cast a vote are not considered and have no effect in the MOOOD Average.


A visual aid to show the general MOOOD distribution within your company.

Notice that if you have zoomed into any area, then the bars will represent the distribution of moods of that particular area.


The MOOOD INDEX is a weighted average of the MOOODs of all the areas of the company.

This is the KPI that your company should keep close track of.

MOOOD generates the MOOOD INDEX by adding the MOOOD AVERAGE of each area, weighted on the percentage of company's employees that the area has.

Once again, teammates that don't cast a moood are not considered and have no effect in the MOOOD Average.


You can filter the show info by:

  • Today

  • Week

  • Month

  • Date Period (from/to)

  • Moood Colour

  • Location

Filters appear in different parts of the screen, depending on what level you are at.

More filter are planned in next MOOOD versions. If you would like to suggest a specific filter, please tell us here.

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