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We all want to work in a place where we are respected and appreciated as human beings.

When your company purchases a MOOOD plan, they are doing exactly that. They are showing that they care about you as an individual and are committing their time and resources to know how you feel and come to your help in case you need it.

Your MOOOD in one click.
With one daily click, MOOOD helps team around the world to improve their work environment.

Corporate Climate is important for every company and it is the sum of individual moods. So by knowing your personal mood and the mood of their colleagues, management can detect if the teams are well or -if the problems have spread- make the changes needed to improve.

Remember that bosses are people like you and me. It just happens that sometimes they lack the information. Specially with the post-pandemic remote jobs that makes it harder to detect and track the team's mood. MOOOD allows bosses to know and solve faster.

Finally, casting your daily mood is also important for you. Inside the app you can check your personal mood history and decide if you are happy in that position you have or if you need to make changes in your carreer.

We can put the world in a goood moood. All you have to do... is dare to share.

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