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Updated: May 6, 2022

Nobody can doubt the importance of a solid Organizational Culture as a generator of value for the company. For this reason, all human management professionals have it as a priority in our work agendas.

The creation of a "solid Organizational Culture" is a hard but achievable path and a highly profitable asset which can be more difficult for some companies to achieve than for others. This has been found to directly relate to the Culture of the country in which the company has its headquarters.

A study by Professor Enrique Ogliastri from CLADEA 1999, presents the interrelation between a country's culture, organizational variables and leadership.

There are countries in which the management of uncertainty is intended to be reduced to limits that damage the spirit of growth and innovation; nations in which organizational elitism is a highly valued commodity, other markets where individualism weighs more than collectivism and other States that prioritize short-term results over human well-being. It is unthinkable that these characteristics do not have an effect within the Organizational Culture and -somehow- define what a good Organizational Culture is in each country.

Oligastri raises a broad and important issue. However, beyond our national differences, I am sure that there are concepts that cross borders, that unite us as human beings and that are inseparable from the construction of a healthy Organizational Culture. I believe that among these ideas we can find a healthy and collaborative leadership, comprehensive development, fair compensation and recognition of good performance, transparency in decisions and processes, communication as a central tool and right of expression, the well-being of workers, equality and respect for work, innovation, etc. If I have left any out, please let me know in the comments.

When we created MOOOD we designed it to help companies around the world to have more transparency, better communication with a focus on the emotional well-being of employees, 3 very important pillars in any Organizational Culture, regardless of the country in which the company operates.

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